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Those among us who love tattoos usually fall into three main groups: Those who love delicate, sweet, almost invisible works of art, those who like to make a statement and cover an entire limb with a bombastic, stunning portrait, and those that don't even see tattoos, but their second skin.

The tattooed ladies on C2CPorn looking for a live cam-to-cam partner definitely fit this bill, and it's the site's job to help you find whichever group you gravitate towards. Prefer a tiny heart on the palm of her hand? An amazing Garden of Eden on her whole arm, or rather countless lines that intertwine and create one coherent picture all over her body? The site aggregates thousands of hot cam girls from the best sites, all vetted for quality, safety, and variety.


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To that end, we recommend you don't stop your filtering with the Body Art category, but according to your taste, by adding on Piercing, Fetish, and to top it off - 720p/1080p in the Video Quality category, to make sure that whomever you choose, the chat will be a flawless streaming experience.

Ladylike Art

Usually the newer girls in the tattooed club, love to adorn themselves with small, thin lines of sweet drawings, such as hearts, bunnies, roses, or geometric lines to enhance areas on their bodies. You'll find these hot babes to be more demure, coy, compared to the other two groups, but that by no means translates to any less sex obsessed. As you may have heard, still waters run deep.

Up Her Sleeve

Who doesn't want to feel invincible, like a superhero? These gals sure do. Though they may have other tattoos on their bodies, they choose usually one arm or leg as a focal point, and completely cover it with a singular picture, a theme. A million little flowers, swirling serpents, favorite characters from movies or TV. They take their greatest passion and make a statement you can't ignore - Loud and proud.

A Second Skin

A rare breed of ladies, they love much more than nice drawings and taking things one step at a time. These are kinky, nasty, naughty girls that usually accompany their tats with piercings, dyed hair, and an attitude that says "fuck you", which is incredibly sexy. Usually found in the Fetish categories, they do not come to play. They come to dominate, control, and have a damn good time.

How We Do It

C2CPorn utilizes a unique, one of a kind filtering system that takes the best models for one on one live chats on its aggregated platform, and narrows down the rooms according to your exact specifications.

Refining your search is easy and quick, as one filter builds on top of the previous one according to cross-searching categories. The screen is updated with every selection, until you finally reach your desired lucky lady.

The great thing about this extraordinary filter is that you can continue to filter more and more, as many categories and sub categories as you desire, which makes sure you find not "kind of" what you're looking, but exactly what you're looking for.

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