The Value of Flirt4Free Credits

The value of credits on Flirt4Free changes according to several variables. As a model, your payout will change according to the number of hours worked and the number of credits which you have received in tips and from paid shows. As a user, each credit is worth $0.11, unless you buy the biggest package in which case the cost of each drops to $0.09.


Flirt4Free's Credits Value for Users

  • 90 credits for $10.00 - (11.11 cents per credit)
  • 225 credits for $25.00 - (11.11 cents per credit)
  • 450 credits for $50.00 - (11.11 cents per credit)
  • 900 credits for $100.00 - (11.11 cents per credit)
  • 2250 credits for $250.00 - (11.11 cents per credit)
  • 5500 credits for $500.00 - (9.09 cents per credit)

As you can see, credits are valued at 11 cents each, with only the $500.00 package providing you any sort of discount. If it is your first purchase on the site, you will get bonus credits with your purchase, with the larger packages giving you more free credits. As a whole, though, most users buy smaller packages, rather than $500.00 at a time.

You can tip for requests from some of the models, but not everyone is willing to perform in the free show rooms, so ask first. Don't forget you can only tip in set increments, with the minimum being 10 credits, which is actually $1.11.

When looking at the paid show types you can choose between a Multi-User show or a Private show. These shows start for as low as 5 credits a minute, with the selection opening up at the 20 credits a minute.

The $10.00 package can get you 18 minutes in a 5 credit a minute multi-user show.

Flirt4Free's Credits Value for Models

The value of credits for models on Flirt4Free is much harder to determine. The site does not disclose it's payout structure until you have registered and started broadcasting. The payout changes quite drastically according to how many credits you earn and how many hours you work.

But on the plus side, Flirt4Free does provide a break down of average earning for models.

Hours WorkedWeekMonthYear
10 hours per week$1,000$4,000$48,000
20 hours per week$2,000$8,000$96,000
40 hours per week$4,000$16,000$192,000

The earnings are not guaranteed, but even camming for just 10 hours a week can net you an extra $48,000 a year as a Flirt4Free performer.

You can claim your earnings once every two weeks, with a minimum payout of $50.00. You can choose to receive your money by check, wire transfer, or FirstChoice Pay.