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Some things never change. One of them is playing games, especially roleplay. The doctor and the patient, teacher and student, Holmes and Watson - These scenarios and so many more make for a good time had by all. On C2CPorn, you're sure to find a teacher, nurse, superwoman or detective for a sexy 2 way video chat.

The site provides you not only with a direct link to all the roleplaying performers, you can choose their physical appearance, ethnicity, language, and age, and even add 720p/1080p of HD streaming quality to make sure you see that attentive nurse in all her glory during your private c2c time.


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To find the naive little red riding hood to your big bad wolf, simply go to our search engine, select the Kinks category, and choose Roleplay, were the playful ladies await. To make your search more fetish friendly, you can also add the Fetish category, as many hosts love to perform different types of roleplay, such as domination and submission, and these usually appear in fetish as well as, or instead of the roleplay category.

Roleplay Games

Most of the newer models on the different sites like to use roleplay as a fantasy, a game that is not necessarily defined by specific roles. They choose cute outfits, such as a schoolgirl, a big bunny suit, angel wings and the like, and they let you take the lead to let them know what roleplay you're looking for. They are usually up for anything, but need instructions. Sometimes it's fun to lead the way in sexual, naughty games.

Playing Rough

The next category of ladies like to use the roleplay category as another way of describing power games, a fantastic way to feel smaller, or bigger - Depending on your inclination. These gals sport chains, whips, leather, latex, and every kind of sex toy or dildo you can imagine. They're all for games, but the play is rougher, tougher, and full of delightful punishment.

International Relations

Another popular roleplay pastime is chatting to women who are not wearing a particular costume or outfit, but are simply... different. They come from another part of the world, and they are inviting you to be anything you'd like: A French wine connoisseur, a German sausage maker, or perhaps you're trying to find a Spanish model to play a flamingo dancer to dance the night away with.

How We Do It

C2CPorn offers a unique aggregated platform that hosts the best live cam shows from the most popular adult sites.

To find your way in this wonderful maze of all sexes, persuasions and fetishes, use our advanced search engine to search according to your desired parameters: Age, Language, Ethnicity, and even using popular tags.

The magic touch of this powerful tool is that you can choose as many filter as you'd like, and cross between categories and sub-categories to make your findings as accurate as they can possibly be.

It's also important to note that not only are these models the best in show, they are rated out of 5 stars, and when you click on their profiles, you can even get a detailed description of their performance schedule, to make sure your private session is getting its timely due.

Browse All Online Roleplay Models