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Squirting comes in all shapes and forms. It can come out like a gushing river, a trickling lake, or a luxurious waterfall, all depending on the model and the method of stimulation. But how do you find these amazons that provide such bountiful outpours? Live webcams on C2CPorn, of course.

Some see these eruptions as glorious orgasms, when in fact, women experience them completely differently, and not all of them feel comfortable showing it to the world. Thankfully, we are here to help you find these nymphs that love to show off their raging springs, for your pleasure as well as theirs.


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Even though C2CPorn covers a wide array of topics, models and fetishes, squirting is usually a more niche category, and requires more of a hunt to find, as it's not normally straight up listed in most search engines. But not to worry, we've got you covered. First off, use our unique and all encompassing filtering system and select the Kink category. In it, you'll find the golden ticket - Squirt. We also recommend adding another filter - Video Quality, right below it. Choosing HD, or 720p/1080p will ensure an unforgettable viewing experience.

Coy And Toy

These ladies don't give it up right away, but let the game last, and last, until both sides can't take it anymore. The seductive temptresses love to use toys, especially Lovense and OhMiBod, and also special, unique objects like household items, fruits and vegetables, and of course, dildos aplenty.

Friendly Waters

Sometimes you just don't feel like going at it alone. Why should you? Pleasure should be shared. These performers love to bring along their best gal pals with benefits, and practice the art of finding each others' G spots without any external help - Just their dexterous fingers and skillful tongues. Now that's definitely something to write home about.

Making It Rain

These are the cream of the crop, so to speak, who just want to shower you, and themselves, with gushes of female ejaculate and scream and moan with ecstasy. These are unicorns, harder to find, as managing this level of liquids is no easy task. But these pros know their bodies all too well, and want to show it off, one powerful stream at a time.  

How We Do It

C2CPorn is no ordinary live cam site. It's a one of a kind kingdom of naughty delights, all tailor made for your very particular set of fantasies. 

As an aggregate platform, completely unique, it presents the best, highest rated models who perform live cam shows on the best cam sites around. 

The best part about the site, besides its' endless array of stunning performers from all sexes, persuasions and sexualities, is being able to use the advanced filtering system to find that one singular performer to make your day (/week/month/year).

The reason our search engine is unlike any other is that you can keep on filtering as much as you'd like, anything from Age, to Ethnicity, Kinks and Video Quality. Thousands of rooms turn into hundreds, then dozens, down to those one of a kind rooms that only you can dream up and bring to life on C2CPorn.

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