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These days, sex toys have become a part of the norm on live cam sites, and many models on the biggest sites, like the ones found on C2CPorn, use these devices to different effects. Most models have one toy, their favorite, which can be either a dildo, or an electronic toy such as the famous Lovense and/or OhMiBod. Those are the pink or purple ones you've seen the ladies keep on/in their bodies at all times.


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The reason the models keep them always active, is to encourage the members watching their show to tip. On most sites, in order to activate the toy a member tips different amounts, which amount to different lengths of pulses/vibrations. Obviously, the heaps of fun come from the girls' reaction of pure bliss when you tip, which gets pretty addictive. Who wouldn't want to keep a sweet honey from getting so much pleasure, that you yourself control?

To find these models on the most basic level, the site keeps things simple. Select the Kinks category, and choose Sex Toys. This ensures that the ladies that have tagged themselves as owning these toys will inhabit your room selection. Even if you don't see the model using the toy that very moment, not to worry. Just ask nicely, and she will most likely whip out her play buddy, to keep you in her room and to get those tips.

Love From Afar

Just like in a long distance relationship, sometimes you just need to bring out the tech to make a real connection. Let's leave emails and texts for work. For play, the models use their love gadgets, and you show your appreciation by tipping them. On many sites, this is actually the only option, and there's no cam2cam action because the ladies enjoy their toys, and the tips so much. On other sites, you need to find the models that also use the toys in the private chats.

Control Is King

Another reason toys are so popular is a tale as old as time - The joy that comes from controlling the action. Controlling your partners' orgasm or your own, deciding when they are "allowed" to feel pleasure and when to stop, and the ecstasy of using that control so that both partners climax together. To that end, try to search for Sex Toys, and also the Fetish and Roleplay categories.


At the top of the sex toy pyramid is a feature that only few cam sites possess - The ability to connect to your models' device with yours. With that action, you actually relinquish some of the control, and allow the model to decide your pleasure levels as well as your own. It almost feels like the real deal, despite the screen coming between you and the cam girl. You get to control the waves of her pleasure, and she gets to control the spikes of your bliss and valleys of your gratification.

How We Do It

C2CPorn wants you to be entertained, and to that end, offers a one of a kind filtering and search engine that no other site provides. It's with this instrument that you can find anything your heart desires, however obscure or specific. Looking for a Mature model who speaks German and is into fisting, and also happens to be Asian? There's a search for that.

Practically any and all categories, fetishes, physical appearance and similar parameters can be chosen and used to find your Miss Right with a toy.

Even if you don't have a particular girl in mind, plating around with the search is half the fun. Add on rooms, remove others, choose a category you've never even tried before or combine 3 categories to see if any of your favorite gals come up. If they don't, then perhaps there's an entire spectrum, of like minded ladies for your to explore.

Browse All Online Cam Girls With Sex Toys